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Upcoming Photo Shoot – Minnesota 24

Saturday, August 25th through Sunday morning I will be shooting the Minnesota 24 mountain bike race at Memorial Park in Red Wing, MN.  The MN 24 is a 24-hour bike race where riders compete in solo or in different team … Continued

Photo Shoot – MN Rusty Ride

August 18th. 25,50,100 mile MTB races over rough terrain in northern Minnesota. This past weekend I went up to the Cuyuna Lakes MTB trails to shoot the inaugural MN Rusty Ride, put on by Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists (MORC). It was a blast. … Continued

Ice Tube Clock Kit

I got an Ice Tube clock from Adafruit because, well, I like clocks and electronics kits. The Ice Tube clock is definitely an interesting kit, made so by the use of the blue-glowing high voltage vacuum florescent display (VFD) tube. The clock … Continued

Bulbdial Clock

I recently built a Bulbdial clock from Evil Mad Science. It was a blast to put together. EMS puts so much thought into the process of building a kit, not just the end result. The kit consists mainly of three … Continued


Pyroblogg has made a slight change in address. Instead of being located at the blog is now located at Please update your bookmarks and/or links to this site. There should be no change in the RSS feed address … Continued

Meggy Jr.

This is the first in a category of posts about different projects that i’m building.  Some projects are things that i’m creating and some are kits designed by other folks that I’ve purchased and put together.  For other project posts … Continued

Missouri River Flood 2011

In my last few days in Bismarck I’ve been observing the flooding of the Missouri River in town. Due to unexpectedly heavy spring rains in eastern Montana and above average snow pack in the Rockies, the Missouri river has been … Continued

Cut Turn and Burn

On October 16th I attended “Cut, Turn, and Burn” an event at the Twin Cities Maker Hack Factory.  The class was hosted by Pete McKenna who covered the basics of 2D and 3D product modeling, and turning those models into … Continued


Over Labor Day weekend Brit and I decided to try making a super bubble wand. This idea came from this video of Sterling “The Bubblesmith” Johnson. We went to the Chief Lookings’ Village park in Bismarck which overlooks the Missouri … Continued