An Autumn Stroll

I went for a nice Autumn bike ride on Saturday down along the Mississippi to take in the wonderful afternoon and capture some of the great colors nature had to offer.  It’s always a fantastic way to get your mind off things.

The Boardwalk (by Pyrodogg)

Minneapolis (by Pyrodogg)

_MG_9958 (by Pyrodogg)

Looking Up (by Pyrodogg)

The Land of Unreality (by Pyrodogg)

_MG_9924 (by Pyrodogg)

_MG_9917 (by Pyrodogg)

Below (by Pyrodogg)

_MG_9895 (by Pyrodogg)

I also came across some carvings in the sandstone I thought were appropriate considering Halloween is coming up.

\_/ (by Pyrodogg)

A face (by Pyrodogg)

AAAAH (by Pyrodogg)

Clock through any of the photos above to see more on Flickr.

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