Happy Birthday!…to me

Yesterday, February 8th was my 23rd birthday.  I received ‘The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes‘ , a Bliptronic 5000 and a fantastic dinner from my girlfriend, Brit.   I know of a few other gifts that should be arriving in the mail … Continued

Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope that you are enjoying the holiday with your family or other close loved ones. If you faced travel I hope it went smoothly and you arrived safely at your … Continued


The reason Facebook has pulled this bait and switch on it’s users is because it’s actually part of their business model. Get users to input trusted information, use that information in combination with information gathered from their friends to sell targeted advertising, Profit. Letting you keep your information to your self, if you so chose, was costing Facebook money they could have been bringing in from more specifically and more easily targeted ads.

BisHack Launch

BisHack.com Launced Today! BisHack is my attempt to spark some interest for a hackerspace in Bismarck.  I essentially want to continue the great times I had back in Minneapolis with the folks from TC Maker. Since I’ve set up my … Continued


I need a workbench.  My computer desk just isn’t suited for working on projects, especially ones involving electronics and soldering.  I don’t have much for woodworking tools at my apartment yet so I’ve been looking for some nice plans that … Continued

Training in Denver

This week I am in Denver for new employee training with my new company.  Training has been going great so far, today we finally got into the guts of the system that we’ll be working with.  It’s very impressive to … Continued

Congrats to Ryan and Molly

Two of my good friends, Ryan and Molly, were married last friday.  Their wedding was fantastic (not too much crying)  and the reception was a really fun party for the two of them.  The happy couple is now honeymooning for … Continued

Mt. Burf Launched

Check out MtBurf.com! The Burf Bros. Ryan and Jeff loved the name so we launched the site.  Be sure to check out the photo gallery.  I’ll be talking to Ryan about sketching out a few maps of the trail when … Continued

Codename Mt. Burf

Some of my friends have built a single-track off-road bike circuit on the hill behind their parents house. I’ve been photographing them and am in the middle of building them a website. While the final name is yet to be … Continued