Ice Tube Clock Kit

I got an Ice Tube clock from Adafruit because, well, I like clocks and electronics kits. The Ice Tube clock is definitely an interesting kit, made so by the use of the blue-glowing high voltage vacuum florescent display (VFD) tube. The clock … Continued

Bulbdial Clock

I recently built a Bulbdial clock from Evil Mad Science. It was a blast to put together. EMS puts so much thought into the process of building a kit, not just the end result. The kit consists mainly of three … Continued

Meggy Jr.

This is the first in a category of posts about different projects that i’m building.  Some projects are things that i’m creating and some are kits designed by other folks that I’ve purchased and put together.  For other project posts … Continued


I need a workbench.  My computer desk just isn’t suited for working on projects, especially ones involving electronics and soldering.  I don’t have much for woodworking tools at my apartment yet so I’ve been looking for some nice plans that … Continued

Maker Challenge 3-6/30

3/30 Dorm room automation kit.  There are many ways you could add automation to your house, many including hard wiring things in to the building to make them hidden.  In a dorm room that isn’t an option, everything must be … Continued

FooSnarl Update

Like I mentioned earlier, this is definitely a learning experience for me.  Two days ago I finally got a “blank” component to compile and ‘run’ in Foobar2000 without crashing anything.  Yesterday I had FooSnarl catching events (play, pause, stop) in … Continued