Crazy Cold

Sunday morning started off at a great 40°F with some light rain.

Around 1pm things took a decidedly nasty turn.

The rain earlier in the day turned to ice and continued coming down as ice and snow.  Walking anywhere outside was an “at your own risk” affair.  People were sliding everywhere on the sidewalks, almost landed on my ass a few times myself.  Everything from semi-frozen slush to ultra thin invisible layers of ice were out to down anyone who thought they were safe.  The accidents on the highways were probably the highest of the season.

Right now it’s -2.4°F with a windchill of -25°F, an actual temperature drop of 42.4°F making for an ‘effective’ temperature drop 65°F!!!  No way I’m walking the mile home tonight!

My brother in Duluth, MN is currently snowed in and his classes have been canceled for Monday.  Wishing the same would happen here, but we just got the cold and ice.  Not enough to stop the mighty U of M.

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