Not so Cuil

I’m not sold.

I do like the idea of new things and innovation but thus far I’m not particularly impressed.  One of the biggest things that sets me off is that when performing the classical “vanity search” for my own name it says it has something like 40 results, but is only actually displaying five of them.  There isn’t even a second page, the other 35 results just vanished.  40 results sounds about right if they’re trying to be as or more “relevant” than Google (which turns up 400+ results of which only the first 3 pages are actually useful) so it shouldn’t be a matter of them not finding the stuff, it’s like it got lost somewhere in the machine.

I’ll probably check back in a while, hoping that this is some sort of technical error, but if it really turns out that they are just withholding these results from there index that is “3 times larger than Google” I deam it pretty useless.

No hating on the user interface though, I think that is refreshing and I don’t have any problems scanning the results.  But this is a search engine, not a beauty contest, so if the results aren’t there, then there isn’t anything to look at.

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