FooSnarl Update

Like I mentioned earlier, this is definitely a learning experience for me.  Two days ago I finally got a “blank” component to compile and ‘run’ in Foobar2000 without crashing anything.  Yesterday I had FooSnarl catching events (play, pause, stop) in Foobar2000 and sending Snarl static messages “Track Paused”, etc.  As of today I now have the component to the point where it will send snarl a Titleformatted string to Snarl.  The string can be defined in the preferences.  Now I need to refine things more and work on an actual configuration scheme so that people would be able to specify what events they want to catch, what they want the title to read, icon, etc.  I also need to see if I can get Foobar2000 to respond to clicks on the Snarl messages; bringing up the foobar window if right-clicked for example.

I’ve been borrowing heavily from the one component tutorial and alot of digging in the SDK.  Other than that I’ve had little source code to go off of.  And I haven’t even been able to get on the developement forum on Hydrogen audio (still one day left of their 5 day “you can’t do anything” registration scheme).  I now think I can essentially  finish what I initially planned, but may end up seeking furthur advice when it gets too GUI intensive.

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