Getting Things Accomplished

I’ve been raher busy past week trying to keep up with life and classes at the same time.  Today I finally got in to the IEEE lounge at school to use the soldering equipment there.  I finally got my Protoshield for my Arduino soldered together.

Protoshield (by Pyrodogg)

I’ll be going back tomorrow to solder together the Danger Shield I also purchased recently.  Man, I almost forgot how easy it is to solder things together when you have nice equipment.  It’s great that the IEEE group has a nice lab bench because I’m unfortunately unable to afford to put together a decent one of my own right now.  That tends to hinder a number of my hardware oriented ideas.

I also went out today to take some nice fall photos along the river, but as soon as I got down there the weather decided to not play as nicely as i’d hoped.  I had to hide from the rain for a little while, and then It was cloudy so I missed the nice vibrant shots I had set out for.  I still made the best of it and I should have those done and up on Flickr by the end of the weekend.

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