I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

The new I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN opened Thursday September 18th, 2008, at 5am.  The new bridge was completed and opened to traffic in just over 13 months after the previous bridge collapsed on August 1st, 2007 killing 13 and injuring 145 more.

I didn’t make the 5am opening, but I biked over the adjacent 10th ave bridge around noon to take some photos and see how it actually looked with all the construction equipment replaced with traffic.  I can’t wait to actually drive over it

I-35W St. Anthony Falls Bridge

Bridge on a tilt (by Pyrodogg)
Sky Above, Water Below (by Pyrodogg)
Pillar Through Diamond (by Pyrodogg)

Looking North (by Pyrodogg)

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