Jott’ya later

Jott has finally broken free of the perpetual beta state that a large number of web 2.0 apps find themselves in.  They are sill offering a free service “Jott Basic”, which doesn’t allow any functionality to interface Jott with other on-line productivity applications (what made it useful to me).  To get Jott to play nicely with those apps, you you have to pay $3.95/mo. for the “Jott” service or $12.95/mo. for “Jott Pro”.  Both of those plans offer the ability to connect to the full range of productivity apps, and also enable the user to send voice-to-text emails to other contacts.  Jott Pro also allows messages up to 30 seconds long, while the others are caped at 15 seconds.

I fully understand that the Jott team needs to make a useful business product and that the perpetual beta state is a fantasy.  Unfortunately, for someone who really liked the service but only used it occassionaly I can’t at this time justify paying te $3.95/mo. for the features that made me want to use the service.  Jott Basic, has no appeal to me as I had always viewed Jott as my gateway to other applications.

Three ninety-five really isn’t a steep asking price so perhaps I will miss it enough and come back around to actually become a paying customer, but right now it’s back to writing reminders down on scratch paper….

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