Light Painting

Last Friday night, Kalyn, David, and I went out to have some fun light painting on the river flats.  David provided the flashlights, colors, the camera and took the photos.  All three of us provided some great inspiration, and good times were had by all.  This was by far one of the most interesting photography experiences I’ve had in a long while.  Here are some of the top shots from the night.  See the entire set here.

Red/Blue Skyler (by david4286)

Creepy Kalyn and Skyler (by david4286)

Ghostly Skyler (by david4286)

Ghostly Kalyn (by david4286)

Kalyn's a Devil (by david4286)

Untitled (by david4286)

Kalyn Petting a Cat (by david4286)

Untitled (by david4286)

All photos used with permission. All Rights Reserved by David Williamson

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