Merry Christmas

I hope everyone is having a great time at home with their loved ones!

I’ve been enjoying Christmas festivities at my Mom’s house this year.    I’ve enjoyed all the gifts I’ve received but most of all I’m enjoying the people I’m able to spend this holiday with.  There is one person I’m missing though, and whom I can’t wait to see next week when I return home.  I’ve overeaten myself on delicious food stuffs for three meals in a row.  Now I’m paying for it, feeling bloated on the couch.

Here are some of the photos from our festivities at Grandma’s house.

Merry Christmas (by Pyrodogg)

Lighted House (by Pyrodogg)

Wreath (by Pyrodogg)

O Tannenbaum (by Pyrodogg)

Blurry Snowman (by Pyrodogg)

Glowing Churches (by Pyrodogg)

For the rest of the pictures watch the following slideshow or click through to flickr

Also, I love it how snow piles up on objects, creating ‘Snowcakes’

Snowcake (by Pyrodogg)

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