Project 365 – Week 2

The first full week of my photo project has passed!  So far it’s been a mix of things I’ve done, places i’ve been and last minute shots before midnight.  I’m still trying to keep the creativity up!

[4/365] – Wii Fit

[4/365] - Wii Fit (by Pyrodogg)

The Wii Fit game actually has some entertaining games in it.

[5/365] – Sparky

[5/365] - Sparky (by Pyrodogg)

Sparky is one of Brit’s family’s dogs.  He looks mean, but that is just funny camera timing, he is actually really happy to see me.

[6/365] – My Life Force

[6/365] - My Life Force (by Pyrodogg)

I’m an addict

[7/365] – Casualty

[7/365] Casualty (by Pyrodogg)

My Camera fell to the floor.  The only damage was to the UV filter on the front of the lens, otherwise not a scratch

[8/365] – The Mouse Hunt

[8/365] The Mouse Hunt (by Pyrodogg)

We’ve got mice in the walls, they drive the cat nuts

[9/365] – A Surprised Brit

[9/365] - A Surprised Brit (by Pyrodogg)

On our way through Red Wing, MN, Brit and I stopped at Bay Point Park for a little walk.  It was a very short one because it was pretty cold out.

[10/365] – Brit by Firelight

[10/365] - Brit by Firelight (by Pyrodogg)

Brit lit by the fireplace

The project thus far…

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