Project 365 – Week 5

One Month Down!!!!  Only 334 days to go!

[25/365] – Sandwich Guardian

[25/365] - Sandwich Guardian (by Pyrodogg)

No longer do I have to worry about squished PB&J sandwiches 🙂

[26/365] – Pizzas Galore

[26/365] - Pizzas Galore (by Pyrodogg)

Discarded pizza boxes from a presentation on preparing for the IT career fair

[27/365] – Shards

[27/365] - Shards (by Pyrodogg)

This glass tipped over on the counter and broke into these two pieces,  and nothing more.  One of the stranges glass breaks I’ve ever seen.

[28/365] – Twin Cities Maker Meet up

[28/365] - Twin Cities Maker Meetup (by Pyrodogg)

Twin Cities Maker is a group that is just in the stages of forming to collaborate on building a community Maker/Hackerspace in the Mpls/St. Paul Metro area See for more information.

[29/365] – Graffiti

[29/365] - Graffiti (by Pyrodogg)

I went to a debate this evening, but I happened to have a rather annoying headache so I wasn’t paying much attention and this is one of the shots I really liked afterward.

[30/365] – A Match made in Heaven

[30/365] - A Match made in Heaven (by Pyrodogg)

Well, it is…

[31/365] – Puppy Chow

[31/365] - Puppy Chow (by Pyrodogg)

…and it should be no surprise that it was all gone within 12 hours of taking this photo.  lol

The project thus far…

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