Spring Break Vacation

A few months ago a few of my friends started joking about heading down to the Red Bull Rampage on Gooseburry mesa in Utah for Spring Break.  Turned out to not be so much of a joke, although the bikes have been ditched.

We’re taking the week and hitting up a few of the national parks in the area to do lots of hiking, exactly what I was unprepared for.

Here’s our schedule:
Saturday we got up and hauled from Minneapolis, MN to Denver, CO
Sunday Denver to Arches National Park to Hurricane, UT
Monday Zion National Park
Tuesday Zion National Park
Wednesday Glen Canyon Dam to Monticello, UT
Thursday Mule Canyon
Friday Grand Canyon
Saturday Beringer Crater, Petrified Forest National Park
Sunday Hauling a** back to Minneapolis

So far we’ve put in seven miles of hiking at Arches and another seven at the Kolob Canyons and my calves are definitely feeling it. Tomorrow we’re heading back to Zion to hike around all day long.  We’ll see if my legs survive that.  When we were in the Kolob Canyons we heard some pretty thunderous noises, massive rockfall in one of the other canyons.  Haven’t heard how large it actually was yet.  Glad it wasn’t near us though.

Look for some amazing photos when I get back 😉

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