The Big Finish

Last night I finally helped deliver my groups presentation for my Management of Technology course.  All semester we have been working on building an innovation into something that we would pitch to a 3 person board (as if we were asking for real financial investment) at the end.  Well, we’ve finally reached that end, we gave a very successful presentation and listened to equally well put together proposals from our peers.  We were not declared the winners, but it was still an amazing learning experience.

Sometimes things got a little stormy between group members, but after a while we made it through norming and were off to performing again.  Our project took a number of drastic changes, after a few intermediate checkpoints and feedback from our great Instructor, Kirk Froggatt.  This course has been the highlight of this semester for me.  All of the Technical know-how that every engineering unergrad goes through is absolutely necesary.  However, I also feel that there should be much more of a focus on courses like this that focus on group dynamics, effective presentations, working across functional lines, and generally being a more well rounded professional.

I would recommend this class to any enginnering students at the UofM.  The class has a strict limit of 25 students (sing-up soon!), so you’ll be working in groups of 5 for the final project.  The small class size is great because you get so much great instruction and feedback from Kirk.

Check out:
MOT 4001 Leadership, Professionalism and Business Basics for Engineers
3:35-5:30pm Thursdays
Only 17 seats remaining!

I’d like to thank my group members: Megan Lott, Chris Em, Alex Kado, and Arick Severson; My Instructor, Kirk Froggatt; And the three judge panel, Ms. Jolene Nelson-Helm, Mr. john Leikvold, and Prof. Massoud Amin.

Thanks everyone for a great semester!

Class Group

From left to right: Arick Severson, Me, Megan Lott, Kirk Froggatt (Instructor), Alex Kado, and Chris Em

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