To MSP! …Eventually

The Interview with Lockheed Martin today went great!  It was a great experience to meet with so many individuals from the Goodyear site.  I think I learned about as much as someone without a security clearance was allowed to know.  I got many of my questions answered as well and it seems like a fantastic place to work.   Now I can’t wait to hear back from them.

I didn’t have any time to do some touring around the Phoenix area, after Interviewing and dinner.  I was at the interview site longer than expected because I interviewed with two different groups.  After finding steak for dinner 😉 I decided it would be best to head back to the airport so I’m not mysteriously stuck in traffic, lost, stuck in security, etc.

Now, I’m currently sitting in the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport waiting for my flight to leave.  I’ve been delayed because of the nasty weather back in Minneapolis.  So far we’ve been delayed from 7:45pm to 9:10pm, although the attendants at the counter say we might get out slightly before 9.  I’m gonna miss the sixty degree weather as soon as I walk back into the barely double digits of Minneapolis. Brrr

UPDATE: Landed safely at about 1:30am after suffering something like the flu most of the way home.  Definitely the least enjoyable flight I’ve had thus far.

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