Toastmasters Wrap-up

Well, the first meeting turned into more of an info session than an actual meeting.  Two of the speakers didn’t even show up.  One of the experienced Toastmasters gave a very nice overview on what being involved with Toastmasters is really like, it sounded really interesting.

Other than the experienced Toastmasters that showed up to help get things rolling there were only about 6 of us new people there, we need 20 actual members to charter a new chapter.  Perhaps the low interest was because whoever picked the date and time didn’t realize it was in the middle of our homecoming football game.

We’ve scheduled the next meeting for Thursday the 13th, hopefully more people show then.    I think it’ll be a really good time, and I’m going to try to get a bunch of my friends to get involved as well.  I’m also going to try to get involved in one of the executive roles, maybe public relations which calls for creating and maintaining a website as one of the duties.

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