Training in Denver

This week I am in Denver for new employee training with my new company.  Training has been going great so far, today we finally got into the guts of the system that we’ll be working with.  It’s very impressive to work with the software that the company has developed to date.   I really look forward to working with it back at my project site.

Apart from training it has also been a fun week hanging out with the other new recruits.  Monday night we went downtown to the Wynkoop Brewpub for dinner and some fantastic brews.  Friday night some of the founding partners of the company are taking everyone one out as well.

Yesterday, when I got back from dinner I finally thought to check to see if there was a hackerspace in the Denver area.  I was bummed to find out that I had just missed an opportunity to drop in on a DenHac meeting.  Such is life, I’ll just have to check ahead the next time I go traveling somewhere.

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