Twitter Apps

I have been having a few ideas for Twitter applications bouncing around my head for the past few days.  Mostly things that I find immediately personally useful but  also, with some clever design (something I’d need help with), would likely take off publicly.   I even got to the point of looking for suitable domain names when I finally stumbled across an existing app that is 90% of what I was envisioning.  They also happen to do it better than I had envisioned and it has a substantial user base.  Blast, back to the drawing board.  I’ll most likely still code up some personal app, but unless I strike some major inspiration on that idea it probably won’t go public.

Now it’s back to letting ideas rattle around until some new idea or  substantial improvement strikes.  It’s just a little bit daunting trying to think of something new, it seems like everything twitter related already exists.

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