Upcoming FooSnarl Release

With the recent release of the Foobar200 v1.0 beta I am finishing up a new release of FooSnarl to be released later this week. Watch this blog for more details.

Update [12/16] – So I feel like I’m shooting myself in the foot here, but there will be no release at the moment.  It turns out i’m becoming notoriously bad at estimating time needed for projects, especially where padding for unforeseen events comes into play.  After making my post last week I had some personal issues come up that have been taking up a significant amount of time.  It also seems I have undertaken a few too many homemade Christmas presents this year, and with THAT’s a deadline I can’t miss.

That being said, progress is being made.  Two-way communication between Foobar and Snarl is coming along nicely.  There will soon be configurable actions when left (or right) clicking the snarl notifications.  It’s the handling of the configuration that’s been slowing me up.  As far as deadlines, lets say I’m confident FooSnarl will hit 1.0 no later than Foobar2k releases a stable 1.0.

For more day-to-day, short form updates on FooSnarl progress, follow my new twitter account @FooSnarl

For heckling about the delay, use the comments below or tweet me @pyrodogg

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