Water Damage

Last Friday a notice went out on the U’s emergency text alert system that the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science building was closed due to water damage.   Apparently, sometime after midnight on Friday morning, a chilled water main broke in the NE corner of the building, dumping up to two inches of water on the floors 5 and down.  Friday the building was open to faculty only  however, it has since been partially opened to students.  Many areas of the building are still closed off and they have large sections of wall torn up along the floor.  The MN Daily is reporting that it’s going to cost nearly $1M to clean up the mess and fix the building.  Luckily none of my classes have been displaced, the U is already fairly tight on space, I don’t know where these extra classes are being held right now.  I am also thankful the IEEE lounge is dry and open to students!

Here are some photos that I was able to get while in the building today.  No jumping over barricades for me though.

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