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Version 1.0!

A new year and a renewed development effort to go along with it!  A number of contacts throughout December pushed me to dust off the codebase and retool FooSnarl for newer versions of Foobar2000 and Snarl.

Click to download version 1.0!

A "stable release" and version numbering phobia I developed when starting FooSnarl caused me to start the first release very low at 0.1. This creapt all the way up to 0.1.6 before stalling in 2008. (egad!)  I've dedicated "man-up" and actually cut integer releases, i'm not afraid of big numbers anymore.  I've also dropped the beta tag from the project description entirely.  FooSnarl has been downloaded over 2,900 times since being released, it is in fact quite stable.

Some new features rolled out in v1.0 include:

  • One notification at a time
    • Your screen no longer gets taken over if you skip through many songs.
  • Snarl notification classes for each event (Play, Pause, Stop)
    • Allows separate theming of each class in Snarl options
    • Control of whether each class displays at all is now controlled in Snarl, not FooSnal Fb2k settings.
  • Unicode cover art filepath fixed by patch submitted by grey_teardrop
  • Right-click notifications to open Foobar2000
  • Foobar2000 icon as default notification image
  • Stop event reports info on track stopped

Under Development

  • Enhanced cover art support (embedded cover art and wildcard searches)
  • Fuller support for internationalization
  • Installer

This version has been built with the latest APIs for both Foobar2000 and Snarl.  It is compatible with Foobar2000 v1.0 and up and Snarl v2.31 and up.

Enjoy version 1.0 and don't forget to subscribe for future updates.
Skyler Kehren

You should follow @foosnarl for project announcements.

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Coming Soon

New webhome for FooSnarl coming soon!

You can download the latest release of FooSnarl by clicking the Download link in the right sidebar. -->

Until then, here is the page this link formerly led to

Pyroblogg -> FooSnarl

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